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American Trucker's Second Season!

Robb Mariani - Thursday, June 02, 2011

Wow- it has been a while! First, American Trucker has been picked up for a second season! Thanks to all of you out there in TV land who dig the show!  I'm thinking ad sales don't have a problem with all the eyeballs tuning in! You guys are the goods, and American truckers deliver them (pun)! I was just at the American Truck Historical Society Nationals in South Bend, IN - wow! What a blast I had with all of my fellow truck-nuts! I'm just like the next truck fan out there and that show rocked my core! I saw some dream rigs from every make, including a cool - W Series single axle owned by Arthur- my new buddy! I got to cruise around in it a bit- love that rig! I also found an incredible '66 H Model Ford that was the cream of the crop... I'm off to Joplin with some truckers who bring much needed supplies to the ravaged tornado zone! I'll keep you informed on my season 2 adventures- keep truckin'!


Tonight's New Episode!

Cynthia Whorton - Thursday, April 21, 2011
Hey everyone!  We have a FUN episode coming up tonight - there is even a camel involved!  For any of you ardent American Trucker fans that might have
missed any of the episodes so far - there will be a marathon of American Trucker on Saturday evening!  That means all the 18 wheelers we have covered will be coming at you in a convoy with no brakes - look out!  In this case, there will be no danger involved - so buckle up - hear we come!

Keep Trucking!

Hi everyone in Truckerland!

Robb Mariani - Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hi everyone in Truckerland! I have just returned from filming the final episode of season one of American Trucker! Now, I would like nothing more than to have additional seasons of the show, but that is dependent on all of you out there tuning in the show on Thursday nights on Speed! I have a sneaking suspicion that this show is resonating with all the viewers and we will be creating more shows!  With that said - the final show "White Out" on Donnor Pass will rock you to the core, as it certainly rocked me. It has a bit of everything in it, including the reality of the dangers of trucking in America.  We have a lot of cool episodes for you this season - really cool! we will be jamming gears, tracking packages, taking rides, hauling heavy and generally "amusing" ourselves!  I want to thanks everyone in the American Trucking Industry for all the jobs you do for all of us - THANK YOU!!

I will be blogging throughout the rest of this season. Any questions you have about the show - please drop me a line.  Meantime I have some questions for all of you truck nuts out there: Does anyone know where the White-Western Star, aka - "The Outlaw" truck is? It was used in the 1978 TV movie, "Steel Cowboy".  In addition to that rig, I'm trying to find some other "Hollywood" rigs . . .  The ORIGINAL Ford WT 9000 - Blue Mule - from White Line Fever (circa 1975).  We can start with those two rigs.  For that matter - any truck that made a splash on the big screen!  If you have credible evidence, please let me know!

Over and out -


On The Road!

Robb Mariani - Monday, March 07, 2011
Hello out there! Whew - things are a bit crazy traveling all over the country filming episodes with the men, women, and companies that make American Trucker so cool! Over the past few weeks, the show has premiered - and the people are talking! I have met some great people and even interviewed Carl Edwards and Jack Roush for the show! Stay tuned, we have some GREAT episodes to watch for - we even went to the final launch of Space Shuttle Discovery! You may be wondering why American Trucker would be at NASA? Put it this way - it involves trucks, really COOL trucks! Thank you to everyone that has written to me and posted on my Facebook page! I'm working on answering everyone who has written in - be patient, the list is getting kinda long! Meanwhile, keep the sunny side up and the greasy side down - and keep it between the lines out there!

Welcome to my new site!

Robb Mariani - Monday, January 31, 2011
Welcome to my new site! This will give you an inside look at all the adventures and craziness I encounter as I journey along the highways and byways of America with cameras rolling! There is a lot that ends up on the editing room floor - so this is where I can fill you in on some of the mileage that just didn't make it into the 30 minutes you see each week. There's a lot of road out there, and I've been traveling down quite a bit of it! Pull on your boots, put on your hat and climb aboard - 'cause each week this is where the rubber hits the road . . .

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